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Healthy, fast, and quality foods — that’s what TGB is all about. If you believe in the same things as us, then you’re the one we’re looking for. Join our family and start your career with us!

Positions Available

Coffee Artisan (Full-Time & Part-Time)

Job Description

  • Daily calibration and steaming of milk for coffee to TGB’s standards. 

  • Strong coffee knowledge so as to engage/educate customers when necessary. 
  • Self-service concept – taking of orders, mending the cashier and serving customers with excellence customer service. 

  • Familiarize with our menu, and TGB’s range of merchandises. 

  • Able to multi-task; requires to help out with other areas when necessary. 

  • Ensure cleanliness of the cafe at all times; cleaning and house-keeping

Requirements and Related Experience

  • Passionate about your role, uphold it well with high standards and have fun!

  • Requires to have coffee knowledge and skills; prior F&B experience will be an advantage. 

  • Willingness to work and learn as part of a high-enthusiastic, efficient team in a fast-paced environment.

  • Enjoys working with people and interacting with customers.

  • Singaporeans or Singapore PR.

The Good Crew (Full-Time & Part-Time)

Job Description

  • Food and drinks preparation. 

  • Unleash your creativity when designing TGB’s bowls.(e.g. acai /salad bowls)

  • Keeping of food wastage to the minimum; accuracy in portioning and measurement of ingredients. 

  • Familiarise with our menu, and TGB’s range of merchandises. 

  • Able to multi-task; help out with other areas when necessary. 

  • Ensure cleanliness of the cafe at all times; washing of dishes, cleaning and housekeeping

Requirements and Experience

  • Able to communicate effectively in English.

  • Warm personality and hospitality; service-orientated. 

  • Independent and proactive individuals who is able to adapt and work well in a fast-paced environment efficiently.
  • Preferably individuals with Food and Hygiene Certification

  • Singaporean or Singapore PR
Creative Brain (Part-Time)

Job Description

  • Build and manage marketing purposes/campaigns; planning of promotional activities. 

  • Oversees and manages the production of all marketing materials 

  • Able to conduct marketing events. 
  • Familiarise with products and services of TGB. 

  • Develop content for social media platforms. 

Requirements and Experience

  • Creative and fun individuals with great passionate in their role.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. 

  • Proficient in designing software (e.g. Adobe illustration / Photoshop)

  • Willingness to learn and enjoys working alongside with people.

  • Diploma / Degree in Marketing would be preferred. 

  • Singaporeans or Singapore PR.

For all applicants, please click the button below and fill in the form below with the following information:

  • Personal and contact details

  • Interesting facts about yourself and why you are a good fit to the TGB Fam.

  • For part timer, please indicate your working availability with at least 4 full working days in a month

  • Plus-point: Instagram username

Only short-listed applicants with all criteria met will be contacted.

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